Web Consulting

Want to rank higher on Google?

Need to get web analytics in place?

Slow WordPress? Slow database?

There are a number of factors affecting website rankings and website performance. Coincidentally a slow website does not rank high. East Bay Tech Service can save you time by leveraging our experience with these and other technologies to your benefit.



Security Cameras

East Bay Tech Service performs security camera installation, maintenance and troubleshooting.

Working with digital (IP cameras) or analog camera systems, we can help you get set up with installation of the cameras, running of the wires, securing the DVR (digital video recorder), and remotely accessing/viewing the camera system.

We work with all major brands of cameras and systems, from ones bought at the local value-warehouse to high-end Pelco/Panasonic IP camera systems.

Let us come and provide a free, customized, no-obligation camera system quote designed to meet your specific needs.

Server Monitoring

East Bay Tech Service uses a variety of tools such as Nagios and Cacti to track the performance of your servers, backup systems, connectivity, and network security solutions in order to identify small issues before they become larger ones. Careful monitoring is a corner-stone in any successful network.

All servers

  • Hard drive
  • RAID array
  • Virus definitions
  • Patches
  • Memory
  • Processor
  • Temperature
  • Cooling fans
  • Power supply
  • Network connection

Mail Servers

  • SMTP and Exchange services
  • Databases
  • User count
  • Mail queues
  • DNS resolution


Public servers

  • Website, mail, terminal, and FTP availability

Backup system

  • Daily on-site success / failure
  • Daily off-site success / failure

Uninterruptible power supply

  • Temperature
  • Battery life


East Bay Tech Service provides on-site (in the SF Bay Area) and remote assistance (worldwide) for a multitude of Linux matters. Whether you need desktop and server installations or to get your virtual servers in-check, we are here to help.

Today, Linux is the backbone of more and more businesses. If your server(s) goes down or are slow and inoperable, odds are you are losing money.

We can support the following distributions:

  • Debian, Ubuntu
  • Red Hat, CentOS, Scientific Linux, Fedora


We can help you take your server(s) to new levels by helping with:

  • Mail server configuration and maintenance
  • Database server installation and tuning
  • Server security and firewalls
  • Web server configuration and maintenance
  • NFS & NIS for Linux-based workstations
  • High Availability
  • Clustering
  • Load Balancing
  • Scaling


Web Development

We develop websites, plugins and features using many different web languages. We can custom-develop solutions as well as utilize existing content management systems for clients who wish to have an easy-to-use management interface.

Here are just some of the platforms we can implement/maintain:

  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Magento
  • OpenCart
  • Typo3
  • WordPress

Computer Support

Is your computer:

  • Slow?
  • Infected with viruses or spyware?
  • Having hardware or software issues?
  • Having email or internet issues?
  • Experiencing networking issues?

Let East Bay Tech Service save you time and headache. We can get your computer working the way it should — saving you time and frustration.

Business Networks

East Bay Tech Service helps your company analyze and support your I.T. infrastructure to allow your to focus more on your business needs. From hardware and software to compliance and monitoring, we evaluate your infrastructure against benchmarks and best practices in order to develop a plan for improving and maintaining it within your company’s budget.

We help evaluate things such as:

  • Security
  • Email, calendaring, and contact management
  • Remote access and mobile computing
  • Servers and network equipment
  • Network configuration and reliability
  • Cost
  • User support
  • I.T. policies and procedures
  • Data backups and disaster preparedness

Merchant Account Integration

East Bay Tech Service can assist with determining which merchant account provider is right for you, so that you begin accepting online credit card orders. We have successfully integrated various merchant accounts and payment gateways into client websites and shopping systems, including but not limited to:


  • Authorize.net
  • First Data
  • Google Checkout
  • PayPal
  • Paytrace
  • World Pay

Coding & Development

Get Awesome Programming Done, Right at Your Fingertips. Hire professionals to code your upcoming tech project. Our team is entirely US-based with at least 25 years of combined programming experience.

We can help you do things like:

  • Create and Customize Linux Device Drivers
  • Build and Scale A Website
  • Scale a Website
  • Create a Custom Linux PAM Module
  • Create or Customize WordPress Plug-ins
  • Extend or Enhance Functionality
  • Migrate Website Platforms such as Drupal to WordPress or Joomla to WordPress


We use languages like:

  • C
  • Perl & Python
  • PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • MySQL
  • Java